Peugeot 3008 Successor to Feature “Panoramic” i-Cockpit On-Board System: Dashboard Previewed Ahead of Release

The compact crossover Peugeot 3008 has been sold in its current generation since 2016, so the time for a successor will soon come. It will be revealed later this year, in September, the automaker writes in a press release. However, it has already shown what the dashboard of the new product will look like.

It will receive a completely new generation of the i-Cockpit on-board system, which the automaker calls “panoramic”. That’s because instead of an instrument panel in its own chapel and a central display, it gets one, connected and very wide screen, pushed up onto the dashboard.

Peugeot joins a number of other brands that combine the instrument panel with the central display into one unit. However, it will remain characteristic – and controversial, it must be added – of placing the instrument panel so high that the driver will look at it above the rim of the steering wheel, not through it.

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Although the right part of the 21-inch display serves as the central infotainment screen, it is not in the middle of the car, but rather to the left, closer to the driver. The curvature of the display and the orientation of the center console also make it clear that the driver is in control of everything here.

The second touch screen with adjustable shortcuts called i-Toggles remains to help the screens, of which there will now be ten instead of five. Also worth noting is the display’s floating effect, which enhances the ambient lighting below it.

The steering wheel was also modernized. It received new buttons that recognize the presence of a finger, but activate the function only when pressed. The levers under the steering wheel are also new, on the other hand, for example, with the window controls and the parking brake button, Peugeot obviously adheres to the mantra “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

The 3008 is to come as an “all-new electric fastback SUV”. The car company already has a similar car in its offer – the 4008 model, which is, however, available with a conventional drive, a plug-in hybrid and an electric system.

The difference between the two cars will be in the platform – the 3008 is supposed to stand on a base called STLA Medium. A new generation of Opel Grandland and the successor to the Citroën C5 Aircross will later use the same technology.

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