Petya Paneva won over the jury and the audience in “The Voice of Bulgaria”

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The spectacular folklore performance of 21-year-old Petya Paneva won a place in Galena’s team in the beginning edition of The Voice of Bulgaria.

In 2016 she won a special award at the competition “With the songs of Kalinka Valcheva”, and Kalinka herself says that Petya is the second Kalinka Valcheva. Among her awards are also from the competition with the songs of “Vulkana Stoyanova” 2017 – Ivan Georgiev “2015 and 2017 -” The Grand Prize “, reports Pro News Dobrich.

Petya Paneva is a student at the National Academy of Music with folk singing.

Last night, with her ringing voice and incredible performance, she lifted everyone to their feet and launched them into space with the captivating folk song “Abram Zornitsa thought.” She turned all four chairs, but was won by Galena’s team. “, shared Ivan Lechev. “You represent Bulgaria with dignity!” Said Galena.

“It made me cry, Petya! Don’t stop looking for new challenges, because you are infinitely talented and you can only benefit from it !!! SUCCESS, dear girl !!!”, the singer Nelina wrote on Facebook.

“The Voice of Bulgaria started a while ago. The first performance unleashed all emotions in me, because this Dobrudzha nightingale Petya Paneva raised the jury, the audience, and I am convinced – thousands of spectators,” read the comment of another user of the social network.


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