Petrol and diesel – current prices in the chart. Comparison in the Czech Republic and in the world

Gasoline marked at Natural 95 filling stations is a liquid mixture of petroleum origin. It is used as a fuel for internal combustion engines, but also as a solvent, especially for diluting paints. Its quality is determined by the octane number, which affects the combustion – the higher, the more perfect the combustion.

Diesel is also a mixture of liquid hydrocarbons. It serves as fuel for diesel engines. Naphtha is obtained by distillation and refining from petroleum. Its quality is indicated by a cetane number, which expresses its flammability.

The price of gasoline and diesel

Fuel gradually becoming more expensive since the middle of January this year, when a liter of Natural 95 cost less than 28 crowns and diesel around 27.20 crowns. The current price development is shown in the following chart:

Price increases According to analysts, petrol and diesel go hand in hand with the development of the pandemic, with the increase in demand and with the price of oil on world markets. The koruna’s exchange rate against the dollar is also reflected in the price.

Another relatively crucial factor is the amount of excise duty. Since January, it has been 12.84 crowns per liter of Natural 95 petrol in the Czech Republic and 9.95 crowns per liter of diesel. However, the final price is set by distributors and sellers of fuels, which vary according to the pricing policy individual market players, given localities also according to the competition.

Comparison of prices in the Czech Republic and in the world

The cheapest fuels can be used for a long time by motorists in western Bohemia in the Karlovy Vary region, in southern Bohemia and at smaller petrol stations off the main roads. On the contrary, they pay the most in Prague, at petrol stations along motorways and main roads and near border crossings.

Despite price increase In terms of fuel prices, the Czech Republic is one of the cheapest countries compared to the rest of Europe. Gasoline is currently cheaper in Bulgaria, Romania and Poland, but also in Slovenia. In Austria and Hungary, its price is comparable to the price in the Czech Republic. In Slovakia, Croatia and traditionally in Germany or Italy, petrol is more expensive.

Of these countries, diesel is cheaper only in Bulgaria and Romania. Its price is comparable in Poland and Austria. In Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Germany or Italy, it is more expensive.

Forecast for the future

Diesel is becoming more expensive than petrol as the heating season begins, and Europe is also going through gas crisis. Heating oil is a relatively close substitute for gas, so as its price rises, demand for oil rises. Which drives up the price of oil.

Economists and politicians alike say that in the winter, a barrel of Brent oil can be sold for around a hundred dollars. Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Iraqi oil minister have admitted this, and a similar forecast was previously published, for example, by Bank of America analysts.

“In winter, petrol prices in the Czech Republic cannot be ruled out at around forty crowns per liter, diesel could be comparably expensive, or only a few dozen pennies cheaper,” comments Lukáš Kovanda, chief economist at Trinity Bank.

AdBlue krize

Motorists may encounter the AdBlue additive in diesel engines. It is an aqueous solution of urea, which helps to significantly reduce nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel engines and thus ensures compliance with increasingly stringent standards for exhaust gases.

In addition to rising fuel prices, road hauliers are currently starting to worry growing shortage of AdBlue. Without it, according to them, the operation of most trucks is endangered.

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