Petra Vlhová and Livio Magoni are finishing together. Igor Vlha explains the reasons

He is the head of the Vlha team and the father of Petra Vlhová. After five years, they agreed with the Italian coach Livio Magoni to end the cooperation. “You can’t just throw away a five-year relationship, but we’re moving on,” he told Sportnet IGOR VLHA.

What decided that the five-year collaboration with coach Livio Magoni has finally ended?

Livio is an unreal person for me and one of the best coaches in the world. Five years with him were wonderful and we did exactly what we promised at the beginning. Livio is a member of my family. He made an exceptional robot, I am proud of him, I respect him and I can call him a magician. I have nothing to say about Livia. He put together the best team in the world.

Five years with one coach is a long time. Gradually, a certain stereotype may come. Is that why a new challenge or another impulse is good for your daughter?

Yes, you understood exactly that. I see nothing else behind it. I feel that its end is a natural phenomenon. At the beginning of the collaboration he told me that the ski coaches they rotate every four years. Then the bullets are fired and it doesn’t work anymore. That is all.

Everything indicated that the season with the Winter Olympics in Beijing would be the one that would complete their mutual cooperation. Why doesn’t it happen?

Yes, it’s the Winter Olympics, but I repeat, if you fire all the bullets you have in five years, I don’t know what would happen in Beijing. Maybe it would be bad, maybe good. We do not know. But this is how we decided, there is no need to look for any sensations. After all, how often do football teams in Slovakia change coaches? We lasted five beautiful years.

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Was the termination of the collaboration triggered by an interview that Magoni gave to Italian newspapers?

No, we swept that off the table a long time ago. Livio and I explained it, and I will not comment on it. It’s already closed. People speculate about budgets, money, covide-19, everything. For me, Livio is the best coach in the world. We did what we promised.

How was the farewell?

Emotional. There was a lot of emotion in it. You can’t just throw away a five-year relationship, but we’re moving on. We will write, meet. I’ll pay him all the rewards. Livio is a total pro, but he has a small son, which he is very much looking forward to. His son skis perfectly and Livio also needs to release steam.

Have you already found a replacement for Magoni? Which people stay in the team?

We already have some offers, six coaches called us. Two new people should probably join the team. Peta is now going for a two-week regeneration stay, let her relax.

You say about Magoni that he is one of the best coaches in the world. You won’t want to succumb to this substance, will you?

True, we want to find the best coach. They are all foreign coaches. Don’t ask me about your nationality anymore. You will find out everything in time. But let me tell you something else.

Here you go.

Two top athletes in Slovakia – Peter Sagan and Petra Vlhová will open new doors and I think it will help both. It will be a new milestone for them. Interestingly, that’s how it turned out. They will both do what they have, start up and the whole of Slovakia will be proud of them.

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