Petra Martínez, from Linar, nominated for the Goya as best supporting actress

JAÉN.- Eight Andalusians have been nominated in the next edition of the Goya Awards for Spanish cinema, among them the director of El Ejido (Almería) Manuel Martín Cuenca, for his film ‘La hija’, and the actress from Linares (Jaén ) Petra Martínez, in the category of best supporting actress, for her participation in the film ‘Life was that’.

The Spanish film candidate for the Oscars –’El Buen Patron ‘, by Fernando León de Aranoa and starring Javier Bardem– is the favorite in the next edition of the Goya Awards by sweeping the candidate announcements by opting for 20 statuettes from different categories , two of them, with marked Andalusian prominence.

The aforementioned title monopolizes a nomination in the section of Best raparo actor thanks to the work carried out by Manolo Solo from Algeria, who in 2016 also won the statuette in this same category for his intervention in ‘Tarde para la ira’, and was nominated for a year before for ‘B, the movie’.

In addition, the Sevillian Fernando García opts for the precious award in the section Best costume design in the film by León de Aranoa.

Manuel Martín Cuenca already knows the experience of winning a Goya. It was in 2013 with the film ‘Caníbal’, and also twice: Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay. The Linar actress has also received several awards throughout her professional career; in this case, two awards from the Union of Actors, as Best Supporting Actress, with ‘While You Sleep’ (2012) and as Best Leading Actress with ‘La Soledad’ (2018).

On the other hand, the Sevillian screenwriter Benito Zambrano (Lebrija, 1965) opts for a Goya, together with Cristina Campos, with ‘Lemon bread with poppy seeds’. In 1997 he achieved three statuettes with ‘Solas’: Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Revelation Award.

In the Best Editing section, the Andalusians Antonio Frutos appear, for his work in ‘Bajocero’ and Miguel Doblado with ‘Josefina’, while the Cordovan María José Llergo opts for the prestigious Award in the category Best original song with ‘Te awaits the sea ‘.


León de Aranoa’s film became the most nominated film in the history of these awards, surpassing the previous film that held this record –’Los Días Contados’, by Imanol Uribe, with 19 nominations–.

The satire starring Javier Bardem will thus opt for Goya in the main categories –film, direction and original script–, in addition to having the stellar Bardem as a candidate for best leading actor, despite not being able to become a leading actress, it has achieved three nominations out of four in the supporting actor category.

‘El buen patron’ is followed by ‘Maixabel’, the film by Icíar Bollaín starring Luis Tosar and Blanca Portillo – both also with nominations, which will be eligible for 14 ‘big heads’. With 8 nominations there will be ‘Parallel Mothers’, by Pedro Almodóvar, who despite being in best film and direction, has not achieved a nomination for best original screenplay.

‘Mediterráneo’, ‘Las laws de la frontera’ and ‘Libertad’ – Clara Roquet’s debut – have achieved six nominations, while ‘Josefina’ – once again including Emma Suárez as best actress – will choose three. ‘The daughter’, ‘Life was that’, ‘The grandmother’, ‘Love in her place’ and ‘Chicks’ aspire to two statuettes.

The interpreters Nathalie Poza and Jose Coronado have been in charge of unveiling at the headquarters of the Academy the nominees for the 36th edition of the Goya Awards. The Goya 2022 gala will take place on February 12 at the Palau de les Arts in Valencia as a tribute to the Centennial of Luis García Berlanga.

A total of 160 films released in our country between January 1 and December 31, 2021 have chosen the 36th edition of the Goya Awards. Of these 160 productions, 82 have been fiction, 74 documentaries and four animation.


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