Petra Janů Cut Off from the World: Mobile Signal Outage Raises Concerns

When the signal goes out, the singer is unlucky, she just doesn’t allow herself to be helped. The last time Petra’s phone went off was on May 24. “In this case, we resolved everything immediately after the fault was reported, and the next day the fault in the internal distribution of the line was removed and services were fully restored, even though it was necessary to send a technician directly to the site,” said O2 spokeswoman Zachariašová.

Peter Janů but she is angry and no wonder: “It has already happened that the outage was total and it was not even possible to call the emergency line. If something happened here, there’s no chance of help.” the singer attacked her operator a few days ago and added: “It really annoys me. This is not the twenty-first century, but the eighties. And the incompetence of the largest telephone operator is literally terrifying.”

There would be a solution, but it won’t work without the singer’s financial participation. “Due to the low population of the location, we are not able to offer a solution that does not require financial participation from the users,” explains spokesperson O₂ Zachariášová, saying that the availability of a mobile signal is influenced by many factors, including the density of greenery or the ruggedness of the landscape.

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What about Peter Janů? “I understand that I live alone by the forest and it’s not easy with a mobile phone. I will be very happy if O₂ explains the financial contribution to me and maybe we can come to an agreement,” she is already a more conciliatory singer, who fortunately has a landline at the cottage. “So I’m hanging on solid. It’s disgusting, but I’m not going crazy. And I’m waiting for O₂ offers,” a singer who is doing concerts all summer and is not going to strain herself by arguing with the mobile operator is trying to fit in.

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