Petersen Continues to Thrive with SC Freiburg!

Freiburg loses its football god!

BILD reported yesterday that Nils Petersen (34) is about to make a decision: now he has announced it! The Freiburg legend will end his active professional career at SC Freiburg on June 30th.

It’s been a difficult few weeks that led to me and my family deciding to say goodbye to professional football. As crass as that sounds to me just when I say it, it still feels all the more right. The time was wonderful and I will never go completely,” Petersen announced about the sports club.

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The striker is currently in 289 Bundesliga games. Has played for Energie Cottbus, Bayern Munich, Werder Bremen and SC Freiburg since his debut in 2009, recording 88 goals and 22 assists. Petersen has been playing football in Breisgau since 2015 and has made it into the record books primarily thanks to his enormous joker qualities. Because: Since the 9th matchday of the 2019/20 season, he has been the best substitute in Bundesliga history with 22 goals as a substitute.

Petersen also gives insights into the reasons, saying: “For me, football was the most beautiful main thing in the world. But Saturday after Saturday is about so much that it’s always a new test. Of course you’re grateful to be able to make this sport your profession, but it’s not always the case that you say before every match day: Oh, that’s great. I’ve had a lot of luck and great stations in my career, but it’s just the point to stop now.”

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The good thing for all Freiburg fans: Petersen will live in the region and very likely stay with the club! “I’ll probably continue to play football here, only then as a fan. Then I can try the stadium beer, I don’t know that at all. I’m looking forward to staying part of this business, just not as an active player anymore. I’m definitely going to find something that will feel like a new hobby. I’m in contact with the club and I’m curious to see how things will go from there,” said the Super-Joker.

Until then, Petersen makes it clear: “First of all, I want to play as many games as possible and also like to score the goal again, so I’m welcome to add more.”

Maybe the prospective soccer retiree Freiburg, of all people, will make it into the Champions League…

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