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Peter Kellner’s daughter Anna: My father is a billionaire, but I can jump on a horse!

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Peter Kellner’s eldest daughter Anna gave this interview to “24 Hours” in December 2018. In it she explains what it’s like to be the daughter of a billionaire, so we publish it again:

– Anna, you jumped at the final of the Global Champions Tour on your land, in front of your audience, you passed a parkour with a height of 150 cm without a mistake, you ranked fifth out of 13 runners and so you went out on the field for the awards. Are you happy with the result?

– I am satisfied, I am happy, I am grateful for the chance to jump in front of a native audience at the grand final, to receive this gigantic support and to achieve my goal – to go clean, to show what we are capable of with my horse.

– Isn’t it too much of a mental strain to jump, loaded with the expectation of over 10 thousand Czech spectators and over 5 thousand from abroad?

– On the one hand, it is so, but on the other hand, when we went out to the arena and the whole hall shook with applause, I accepted this sound as additional inspiration, as support personally from each spectator. I knew that each of them would hug me individually and say, “I’m with you, Anna, you can!” And I believed them. My goal was to go clean, to show excellent riding.

– When you started, the silence in the hall was grave and only on the triple combination was heard the collective breath of the whole audience.

– I did not hear that, I was too focused. But I also appreciated this silence, charged only with energy – strong and good. I love my audience and thank them from the bottom of my heart!

– You don’t have the typical riding story: first a pony as a gift at the age of four, a first race at the age of 6, a first victory at the age of 8 and then life is just riding. How did you reach professionalism in horse riding?

– I think that when I first saw a horse live, I was traveling by car with my family and passed a farm where

the horse was running away

fence and mane

he was fluttering

And I wanted to be on his back and have that mane flutter in my face. I almost felt it. I immediately said I wanted my horse. But probably every child wants a horse. We didn’t even stop to see the horses up close. However, I remembered that horse and kept insisting that we meet the horses.

In the following years, when we traveled somewhere and saw a stable, I begged to stop, we knocked on the door and I wanted to help with the care of the animals – I just packed buckets, brushes, food mixes and ran after the owners.

I started riding at 11 in a pony club because it became clear that no one would erase my dream of being close to horses. At 15, I took part in my first international competition.

– You are the eldest of four children. Did no one else take the same path?

– No one in my family has ever been even close to horses, so my passion remained only mine.

– The question is how much does it help dad to be a billionaire?

‘Dad can’t jump a horse; not a single euro, not a million euros can help my horse jump better, nor a billion can keep me in the saddle if I fall. I can proudly say that my ability to ride is the result of my efforts, training and perseverance. I receive all the support of my family, and that support increases my faith in myself.

– And yet – the best trainers, the best horses, the best conditions are not a problem, when money is not a problem.

– We are in the world rankings

several riders,

who we are with



or they see us as “father’s children.” However, riding is not like riding a yacht, flying for shopping on a private plane. Riding and dealing with the horse is a matter of enormous, constant, tiring and daily work. The horse does not care at least who my father is, but he strongly expresses his opinion about the quality of my riding.

I am currently training in the Czech Republic – not in another country, not in any of the most famous schools that have established themselves in the production of champions. I have a responsibility to establish the Czech Republic as a riding country. The activity of the audience shows that the Czechs are excited about equestrian sports. The Czechs themselves are aware that we will have a long way to go until we climb the world rankings. So far I am in 42nd place, but in 2017 I was 60th in the rankings. 18 places ahead is not a bad result for a year!

– Out of a total of 17 competitions in the Global Champions Tour chain, you participated in 9, and your best ranking is in Prague. Why did you miss so many starts?

– This is an assessment of the coaching staff, an assessment of my readiness to compete. Participation in tournaments is not an end in itself, it should always be

to show

the best that

we can with my horse

In addition, in each of these tournaments I jumped at all starts and at heights from 145 to 160 cm – a total of 63 times.

– When you successfully passed the 150 cm parkour and the audience applauded you, you galloped and pointed to Silverstone, who flew over all obstacles so flawlessly. From the side, however, he looks nervous and hard to hold a horse.

– Oh no! He is extremely sweet and noble. However, when we are in a race,

my horse is excited

even more than me

he knows why we are in the arena, he knows the sound of the audience and he wants to show the best of himself. He is an excellent partner, responsible, diligent, focused. I’ve only been with him for a year, but we get along great.

– The best 16 riders in the world, who passed a parkour of 160 cm, claimed the grand prize of the Super Gran Pri in the Global Champions Tour. Are you technically ready for such a test?

– I jumped 160 cm in Rome, London, Paris, Monaco, Estoril, Cannes, Saint Tropez, Hamburg, Madrid, Shanghai, Miami Beach, Mexico City. According to the formula of the tournament, I could not participate in the grand final, which is tied to my performance in other tournaments. But you have seen for yourself that the best in the world have experienced unexpected problems; the horses, however routine, prepared, experienced, suddenly proved incapable of overcoming one or another obstacle and betrayed their riders.

The ability to jump and cope with the trials during the race itself are different things. In equestrian sports, miracles do not happen, so I continue to compete as long as I deserve to compete with the leaders in the world rankings.

– Do you hope for a quota for the Olympic Games?

– Undoubtedly, I am preparing for a series of competitions that will allow me to reach such a quota. Each series of tournaments is on a separate account and even when I perform well in some competitions, this does not mean that I have guaranteed my success in the next ones. Yes, a quota for the Olympics is my big goal right now.

– You are only 22 years old. Will equestrian sport be your destiny?

– For now, this is my whole life, and I will still gain experience, I will progress. I have many challenges ahead of me, I want to be one of the successful faces of the Czech equestrian sport, I want to show a new growth at the next tournament in Prague. I’m ready to fight and jump millions of times!


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