Peter Jackson has released a trailer for a film about the Beatles

The Beatles: Get Back was set to hit theaters, but due to the still-complicated situation and uncertainty, it will eventually be released on November 25 as a three-part miniseries on the Disney + platform.

The rough material, which was said to be sixty hours, was originally shot by Michael Lindsay-Hogg. It wasn’t until decades later that the famous Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson rolled out the final work.

In 1969, the Beatles headed to the studio to record 14 songs after a long break and gradually returned to live concerts. The recordings were made, but the band began to disintegrate and the tour never took place again.

Trailer for The Beatles: Get Back


Over the years, a number of legends have emerged who were responsible for everything. Especially Lennon’s partner Yoko Ono entered music history as a monster that “broke the Beatles”. Paul McCartney recently stated that the Beatles were clearly destroyed by John Lennon, while he himself would like to continue playing.

“It was my band, my job, my life. I wanted to keep doing it, “he said.
John Lennon had a relationship with Yoko Ono and wanted to do other projects. When Paul first publicly admitted in 1970 that the group did not exist, it was months ago.


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