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An exceptional meeting of the local Council for Security and Prevention of Crime (CLSPD) in Pessac in Gironde
An exceptional meeting of the local Council for Security and Prevention of Crime (CLSPD) in Pessac in Gironde

Following the events of December 31 in the Arago / La Châtaigneraie and Saige districts and the deterioration of the ambient climate in terms of tranquility observed for several years in these two sectors, in particular in Arago / Châtaigneraie and more generally in Bordeaux Métropole, .. ..

Franck Raynal, Mayor of Pessac (33) met on Wednesday January 13, 2021, an exceptional Local Security and Crime Prevention Council. This meeting, co-chaired by the Director of Cabinet of the Prefect Delphine Balsa, the Public Prosecutor Frédérique Porterie, and the Mayor, Franck Raynal, had as a priority the taking of security measures to restore the republican order and the public tranquility.

The municipal strategy on Arago / La Chataigneraie

The municipal strategy initiated for the Chataigneraie-Arago district is amplified and accelerated at the end of the CLSPD. The main measures to remember are:

  • The armament of the Municipal Police. This armament requires compliance with the training and training regulations.
  • The creation of a municipal brigade of 6 islanders and the establishment of a police station with the priority of strengthening the local level and contacts with residents and traders
  • Reinforcement and extension of the video protection system. The State confirmed its active support, in particular by providing additional financial resources by mobilizing the FIPD.
  • The creation of an urban supervision center, the work of which will begin in the first half of 2021.

Complementary and partnership actions with the national police and justice

For the Mayor, “all the actors with whom the City shares its skills in matters of security and prevention (National Police, Prefecture, Department, Justice and National Education) must act in coordination with the City Council to set new educational benchmarks “. The answers are multiple and cannot be reduced to security measures. The City takes note of the reorganization of the National Police from which it is expected a renewed reactivity and proximity with:

  • The creation of an Anti-Crime Brigade dedicated to the West Division
  • The creation of an investigation unit for dealing with drug cases
  • The creation of a dog-loving unit.

In addition, the City is delighted with the deployment of video surveillance by Domofrance in residential spaces, which complements the public video protection system.

CLSPD Pessac 0121bCLSPD Pessac 0121bFrom left to right: Delphine Balsa, Chief of Staff of the Prefect, Franck Raynal, Mayor of Pessac and Frédérique Porterie, Public Prosecutor

Reinforcement of support and prevention in the neighborhood

Parents must be put back at the center of the system and, more broadly, it is necessary to restore legitimacy to adults intervening in the field. Among the main measures:

  • The creation of two additional posts of adult mediators-intermediaries financed by the State
  • Development with Domofrance of a new youth space dedicated to 12/18 year olds managed by the social center Coordination by the Town Hall of all associative actors within the framework of workshops resulting from the CLSPD
  • Initiation of a reflection on the place of associative mediators in the district.

The meeting ended with the conviction shared by all the participants and expressed by the inhabitants and representatives of social centers: “nothing is lost, we are all actors”.

Photo Credit @ Frédéric Encuentra


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