Sport Peruvian Selection: Peruvian Selection | Nolberto Solano is...

Peruvian Selection: Peruvian Selection | Nolberto Solano is a candidate for coach of the national team


Nolberto Solano, technical assistant of the Peruvian Selection, clarified that for now he does not have any formal offer to lead the Panamanian National Soccer Team, after his name has sounded as a possible new strategist for the ‘canaleros’, but he does not rule out taking on the challenge.

Manuel Árias, president of the Panamanian Football Federation, indicated for ‘El Marcador Radio’ in his country that there is interest in the ‘Maestrito’, however, the former soccer player indicated that he has not been contacted by the agency.

Solano responded and was grateful for these statements, but stressed that it is due at all to the bicolor at present.

Video: @chepebomba TV

“I have not spoken directly to anyone from the Panamanian Soccer Federation, but it is always a pride. I work with the Peruvian Federation. I am grateful for this candidacy if it is really, it fills me with pride, but until I speak to anyone, I cannot speak more about this topic, ”said the ex-technician of Universitario for the @chepebomba TV channel.

Hours earlier, the head of Fepafut indicated that Solano is one of the candidates to command the Panamanian representation.

“Julio César Dely Valdés, Alfredo Tena, Fabio Celestini, Nolberto Solano, ‘Checho’ Batista and Carlos Restrepo” are the names that are handled as possible replacements for Américo ‘Tolo’ Gallego, Árias reported on Tuesday. “We spoke with some to find out who they could reach (technical command) and if they would take into account some former players to work with,” he explained.

Nolberto Solano has been technical assistant to Ricardo Gareca in the Peruvian National Team since 2015 and was part of the bicolor classification for the World Cup.

His first experience as a football coach was at Universitario de Deportes during the 2012 season.




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