Peruvian film series in Canada for the Bicentennial of Independence

Information Note 421 – 21

On November 18, the second date of the “2021 Peruvian Film Series” was held in the city of Ottawa, which is part of the activities of the Embassy of Peru in Canada in commemoration of the Bicentennial of our National Independence.

The event was held at the Saint Paul University amphitheater; entity with which the Embassy of Peru in Canada has established important inter-institutional ties that will allow promoting new cultural projects during 2022.

On this occasion, the documentary “Sigo Siendo” by director Javier Corcuera was screened; which allowed to show the Canadian community and the general public, the diversity and quality of Peruvian music, as well as the versatility of Peruvian dancers; as one of the main manifestations of Peruvian cultures, a key element of our identity.

The audience was made up of authorities from the University of Saint Paul, university students, the Diplomatic Corps, officials of the local Chancellery and the general public. Several of the attendees expressed their satisfaction with the quality of the documentary exhibited; issuing praiseworthy comments about the musical diversity existing in Peru, clearly differentiated in the regions of the coast, mountains and jungle.


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