Peru applied more than 87 million vaccines against covid-19 in two years

Lima, 8 feb. Peru, the country with the highest mortality rate in the world from covid-19, applied more than 87 million vaccines since the arrival, two years ago, of the first doses against the disease, which currently reports one of the lowest rates hospitalized and infected since the start of the pandemic in the Andean nation.

On the occasion of commemorating the National Vaccination Day against covid-19, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported that, from February 2021 to date, 93.98% of the population over 12 years of age have received a first dose, 90.27% the second and 74.11% the third.

In addition, since January of this year, more than 261,000 people, including health personnel and adults over 60 years of age, have already received the bivalent vaccine against covid-19.

On Tuesday, when participating in a tribute to nurses for National Vaccination Day against covid-19, the Minister of Health, Rosa Gutierrez, stressed that the vaccine and the work of health personnel “continue to save lives of millions of Peruvians”.

Gutiérrez said that the objective of each worker in the health system “is to save lives” and that “their work is above any problem that affects” their country, referring to the serious political and social crisis facing Peru.

Recalling the two years since the arrival of a first batch of vaccines from the Chinese laboratory Sinopharm, he confirmed that more than 87 million doses from different laboratories have already been applied and invited the population to complete their vaccination schedule to keep the pandemic under control. .

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The minister reiterated her appreciation to the nurses who, as she said, “play everything for everything” and “have reached each region, have not stopped caring for people despite the country’s circumstances.”

For her part, the executive director of Immunizations at Minsa, María Elena Martínez, indicated that the challenge for this year is to continue closing the immunization gaps both against covid-19 and the National Vaccination Scheme.

The latest official report from the Minsa indicated that until last Monday night another 177 new cases of covid-19 had been confirmed and that two people died from the disease, while another 133 remain hospitalized, 50 of them in intensive care units. (ICU).

This is one of the lowest numbers of infections and hospitalizations reported since the weeks following the start of the pandemic in the country, in March 2020.

Peru, which over the months would become the country with the highest mortality rate in the world, currently reports a total of 4,482,852 confirmed cases and 219,214 deaths, out of a population of close to 33 million inhabitants. EFE


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