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Pertalite Gasoline Prices Down to Rp6,450 per Liter


VIVA – The latest news came from PT Pertamina, which lowered fuel prices of Pertalite type oil from Rp7,650 per liter to Rp6,450 per liter. The new price is effective from July 5 to August 31, 2020.

However, not all Pertamina customers can get that special price. The new official Pertalite which has research octane number or RON 90 is only valid in Bali.

“Semeton can enjoy Pertalite at a special price which is equivalent to the price of Premium. The RON 90 fuel price is Rp6,450 per liter, “wrote the Instagram account manager @pertaminabali, quoted VIVA Automotive Tuesday 7 July 2020.

Besides specifically for vehicle users in Bali, the price of Pertalite which is equivalent to Premium is also only intended for a few types of vehicles. Namely motorcycles, public transportation and taxis. Meanwhile, car users cannot get these facilities.

Pertamina also only provides Pertalite with a special price of Rp6,450 per liter at the General Fuel Filling Station in Denpasar City alone. Consumers who want to buy, must line up in the special lane that has been provided.

This program cannot be combined with other promos provided by Pertamina, such as cashback for public transportation and motorcycle taxi online.

As information, on 1 February Pertamina announced changes in product prices. Pertamax underwent an adjustment, from Rp 9,200 to Rp 9,000 per liter. Then, Pertamax Turbo from IDR 9,900 to IDR 9,850 per liter. However, the price of Pertalite has not changed.



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