Perspective of improving relations between Russia and the West

(VOVWORLD) – There have been remarkable fluctuations in relations between Russia and the West in the past few years. The rising tension threatens the prospects for relations between Russia and the West in the short or long term.

US President Joe Biden (left) wants to hold a summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Photo: AFP / VNA)

US President Joe Biden recently announced that he would hold a summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In June, Biden will make his first business trip to Europe as US President. It is the second time in a month that the US president is planning a meeting with his Russian counterpart. Earlier in April, the head of the White House proposed a bilateral meeting with the Kremlin chief in a third country to discuss the tensions in relations with Russia. A specific date has not yet been confirmed. However, the adviser to the Russian President, Yuri Ushakov, stressed that the plan is currently underway.

According to analysts, this is a positive sign, especially at a time when tension between Russia and the member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is currently escalating.

Increase in tension

A few days before the US President announced that he would meet with the Russian President, Russia and the European Union – long-time allies of the US – have issued tough reprisals. Immediately after Russia imposed an entry ban on eight EU officials, including the President of the European Parliament David Sassoli and the Vice-President of the EU Commission, Vera Jourova, the EU summoned the Russian ambassador. The President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and the President of the European Council Charles Michel condemned Russia’s decision and stressed the introduction of appropriate retaliatory measures.

For its part, the Russian government described the entry ban against EU politicians as a reaction to the entry bans and the freezing of accounts by the EU Commission last March in the event of the arrest of the opposition leader Alexei Nawalny against four Russian politicians. Many EU member states, including the Czech Republic, have also imposed harsh sanctions on Russia, including the expulsion of numerous Russian diplomats. According to analysts, relations between Russia and the EU are currently at their lowest level since the Cold War.

Russia is also facing great pressure from the US. On April 15, the US government announced sanctions against Russia, including the expulsion of ten diplomats and the freezing of 40 Russian accounts. In response, Russia expelled ten US diplomats.

Perspective of dialogues and cooperation

According to analysts, the US is currently planning to send two messages to Russia that they want to have dialogue and show readiness for harsh sanctions. According to experts, relations with Russia were clearly defined under the time of US President Joe Biden, which are tougher than their predecessor Donald Trump. Therefore, the relationship between both parties is unlikely to improve quickly.

But this does not mean that there is no chance of improving relations between Russia and the West. Indeed, for many years the West has needed Russia in resolving many international issues, including the Iranian nuclear issue, stabilization of the Middle East and tensions in Ukraine. In the current relationship crisis, Russia has clearly expressed its will for cooperation and dialogue. This explains why there are always opinions in the West that support cooperation rather than confrontation with Russia. The fact that the US President currently wants to enter into a dialogue with the Russian President is also a positive signal – an opportunity for the improvement of the situation regardless of the content and results of the meeting.



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