Personal hygiene is the first sign we send out about us

Following the famous saying that “the dress does not make the monk”, however, we must not forget the aspect of personal hygiene. The way we dress, wear and wear clothing is certainly an aspect that publicly determines and characterizes us. But it is equally true that personal hygiene is the first signal we transmit about ourselves and our personality. In fact, taking care of one’s image through daily cleaning is the simplest but concrete message we can transmit. A clean and well-groomed person does not only give off perfume, but also security, confidence and determination in their means. Let’s see, together with our Experts, what are the main aspects of personal hygiene that people look for in us.

Teeth and hair

If the smile is the mirror of the soul, as the saying goes, it is also the mirror of the person who expresses it. Clean and well-kept teeth are an important business card. A beautiful smile gives joy, complicity and positivity. But also a lot of sense of hygiene. The same goes for the hair on which the interlocutor’s gaze falls immediately. After only 48 hours, the hair appears greasy due to deposits of tallow, but also of dust and possibly dandruff. The hair needs at least 3 washes a week to stay clean, strong and in shape. The care, the cut and the order with which we manage our hair are also very important, since personal hygiene is the first signal we transmit about us.

Beard and neck

Two aspects that show a lot about us are beard care and neck hair. In both cases we must intervene to give order to our face. Remember that the beard should never be longer than 1 cm and the neck should not have hair.

Shower and deodorant

It goes without saying that the basis of personal hygiene is always the shower, perhaps followed by the use of a deodorant and a perfume. Even natural, with a pleasant scent, without necessarily looking for particular aromas. We always try to personalize our fragrance, in order to be remembered for the pleasant scent we emanate.


Dos and don’ts when you lose an object and need to find it

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this regard, which can be consulted who”)

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