Personal Finance: Being in the Credit Bureau is not bad

appear in the Credit bureau does not mean that something is wrong, because it is just a database that shows how people pay their debts.

Being in the Bureau is not something negative, it is only like that when you have a bad gradebecause the financial entities will know that you are not a good candidate to acquire a loan, while if you have a positive note, it is much easier for any institution to give you a loan”, he commented. Marisol Martinez Zavaletamentor at Personal finance and insurance.

According to the National Survey of Financial Inclusiontwo out of 10 people do not know their financial situation, if they are in the Credit bureauand if so, what is the evaluation they have.

Being in this credit institution allows you to be a candidate to request a service from a financial institution, since there are all those people who have a credit card, a car or mortgage loan, if they have a telephone service or pay television, important to be in this register is to have a good grade.

Edgar Castillo Huertaspecialist in finance by the Tecnologico de Monterreyexplained that the only thing that people should worry about is appearing negatively in the bureau, as this has repercussions such as losing your credit card or not being able to access one, or apply for loans, and in the worst case, until you lose your assets.

“With a bad history and a negative score in the Credit Bureau, it is difficult to speed up the acquisition of assets that you can only have with financing, such as a car or a house,” Castillo said.

If you apply for a credit card or a loan, any financial institution will review the bureauand although your history does not determine your answer, it does have a great weight, since it shows if you are responsible with your payments.

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