Thank you Julieta for what you learned! I’m May, a dancer and dance teacher. Colombian.

The first thing I did was look for those accounts that would serve as a reference and inspiration and then start building my own visual identity on Instagram.

Then, I defined my brand strategy:

Purpose, determine my community, my brand values, benefits and my portfolio of services, I will not go into details here but it is really important to give it this focus.

Then I defined MY COMMUNICATION PILLARS a concept that I loved. I will share a screenshot of this exercise; Following Juliet’s advice, I assigned an icon to each pillar. The images facilitate my process of organizing and planning.

Define my goal specifically for instagram:

Achieve NOTORIEDAD, that the community of artists of Santander and Colombia know my work as a dancer, teacher and brand development and start to follow me. 4000 followers by the end of 2021.

And finally I started to improve my biography and my gallery.

I started until now, there are not many changes .. But what I can share are some of the tools that I started to implement after this course:

Lightroom premium: for photo editing.

Feed Preview: To organize the content of the month and see how it works best.

The page: Displaypurposes to put hashtags.

Canva: To generate more beautiful graphic pieces or stories. (In the process of identity regarding typography, colors and others, I think it takes time)

And well there we go, Thank you Juliet, really interesting and especially the pdfs you share, super forceful, easy to understand and practical: D

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