Person Falls into Water and Disappears during Rafting in Wulai District, New Taipei City

There were 3 people at Xinfu Road and Fushan 15K in Wulai District, New Taipei City today, and one of them fell into the water and disappeared. Search and rescue will continue to expand tomorrow.

People in Wulai District, New Taipei City fell into the water while rafting and disappeared. The police were reported to have rushed to search and rescue. (Photo/provided by New Taipei City Fire Department)

The police received a report at 12:10 noon that 3 people were rafting at Xinfu Road and Fushan 15K in Wulai District, and one of them accidentally fell into the water and disappeared.

The police pointed out that three people surnamed Lin, a man surnamed Wu and a woman surnamed Zhao met in the morning to go boating on the Nanshi River in Fushanli, Wulai District. A year-old Lin Nan disappeared after capsized and fell into the water. People fishing nearby reported the incident.

The police said that Lin Nan was wearing a life jacket, and the police dispatched many people to search and rescue along the coast, and set up an interception point at 14.8K on Xinfu Road downstream; although Lin Nan’s rubber boat and life jacket were found, but Lin Nan’s whereabouts.

The Fire Department of the New Taipei City Government stated that due to the heavy rain on Mount Wulai, the stream was very turbulent, the water level rose and there were thunderstorms and lightning, which made it more difficult for rescuers to search and rescue. Continue to search and rescue.

Responsible editor: Yu Weining

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