Persik Returns Ronaldinho Trophy, Denies Kung Fu Fights!


Peach Kediri as a winning team Ronaldinho Trophy return the trophy to the committee. Peach also denies playing hard which is labeled as kung fu fighting!

Persik Kediri came out as the winner Ronaldinho Trophy which was held at the Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang on Sunday (26/6) evening WIB. Peach is able to overcome obstacles from RANS Archipelago and Arema FC.

Unfortunately, the event Ronaldinho Trophy scorned by football lovers. It should be called a fun match, instead it’s a serious game!

As a result, Ronaldinho only appeared for 20 minutes when RANS Nusantara faced Persik. Ronaldinho also minimal show his skills, because the players play with a fast tempo.

Chairman of RANS Nusantara FC Rudy Salim admitted that there was a briefing error in the Ronaldinho Trofeo match. So it happened, the match that the viewers watched was like yesterday.

“That’s why, yesterday I had the wrong briefing. I said this is a fun game, it turns out that it’s ‘next door’, maybe it’s a kung fu fight. So I misunderstood, it seems really serious yesterday, it was like the Champions League,” said Rudy as quoted by CNN Indonesia.

It’s not over yet, now the party Peach Kediri open voice. Through postings on social media, Persik gave a rebuttal about ‘kung fu fighting’ football.

“The statement that the Persik Kediri team played hard and was rude which is analogous to ‘Kungfu Fight’ is a one-sided opinion without looking at the statistics and actual events seen on the field,” he wrote.

“Based on the Match Summary issued by the referee, Persik Kediri did not get a yellow card or a red card either in the first match against RANS Nusantara and in the second match against the host Arema FC,” he continued.

“Especially in the first match where Ronaldinho played, from a total of 12 violations, Persik only made 4 violations, while 8 other violations were committed by RANS Nusantara,” he continued.

Peach Kediri closing, will also return the champion trophy to the committee!

“For this reason, we firmly and consciously return the Nusantara Trofeo with Ronaldinho to the organizers to use it as well as possible.


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