Perjury Meghan? Leaving the palace was one big lie!

This week, Scobie published the book “Searching for Freedom”, which also writes about his departure Harry and Meghan of the royal family. Although it has always been claimed that Harry was forced to leave by his wife, it was Harry who eventually planned to relinquish aristocratic roles before marrying a former American actress.

Kate a Meghan and Wimbledonu

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“I think it’s unfair to blame Meghan for this. Anyone who knows Harry at least a little knows well that life in the royal family has always bothered him. It was clear to us that he would want to find someone with whom he could change his life. from the ground up, “Scobie said.

The royal family thanks the paramedics

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Just for more publicity Meghan Markleov√© should not go. According to Scobie, she was ready to give up everything to join the royal family. And it was Harry who longed for a “normal life.”


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