Periarthritis in the arm how to know it better care

An intermittent or constant annoyance that prevents the most common gestures: it is the periarthritis in the arm that it can also have serious consequences. How do we cure it?

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In the midst of the many forms of periartrite, the most frequent one is the periarthritis in the arm. It affects both the elbow area and the humeral bachelor, limiting the mobility of the limb for periods that can even become long. And in extreme cases the only possible solution becomes an operation resulting in convalescence.

The periartrite arm is easy enough to recognize. The most evident case is that of acute and prolonged pains that appear especially when we perform certain movements. Common gestures in everyday life: how Brush your teeth, bend over to tie your shoes, wear a sweatshirt.

An inflammation which may be gradual in severity. It starts from the simplest form, which affects occasionally and can be cured with a series of specific treatments. Much more serious is the periartrite to the acute arm which instead appears with intense and prolonged pain that blocks the arm, partially or totally. The causes can be an intense cold stroke, a prolonged effort or a bleeding. And it can also last for several months making daily life complicated both day and night because the pain does not disappear at night.

Periarthritis in the arm, when drugs are not enough

What are the tests to be done to check if we suffer from periarthritis in the arm (right or left doesn’t make a difference)? The first move is to go to an orthopedist, thanks to which it will be easier to verify the nature of the disease and how to deal with it to aim for healing. He will decide whether the patient should undergo specific instrumental tests. Like the magnetic resonance that allows you to show the state of health of the tissues without being invasive or dangerous for the patient.

Instead in case of mild discomfort ice packs can be practiced and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or common analgesics can be used. However, if we realize that the pain does not diminish or stop altogether, then arthroscopic surgery may also be required. It is practiced with local or total anesthesia and thanks to this, injuries to the damaged arm ligaments can be healed.

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