Percy Jackson creator gives free rein to his frustration

There will be no third Percy Jackson film. Instead, a Disney + series is currently being developed, which takes on the book of the same name by Rick Riordan. It is still unclear when this will appear. The only certainty is that they are the Iron out the mistakes of the movies should, as the creator tells the story.

On Twitter, Rick Riordan recently took the time to answer a question from a fan, like Variety reported. He takes it not a leaf in front of your mouthwhen it comes to the films with Logan Lerman in the leading role. Rarely has an author so relentlessly spoken about the adaptation of his work.

Percy Jackson creator pulls over the movies

When a fan on Twitter asked if a scene in the first film had been censored on Disney +, Rick Riordan rigorously announced that the best thing to do was to censor the whole film.

I don’t know, but it is clearly a mistake. You would have censor the whole part should. A blank screen for just two hours.

The tweet gets appreciative words. It is refreshing to read that the author of the books is also disappointed with the films. Rick Riordan then responds as follows.

For you it’s just a couple of hours of entertainment. For me it’s like my life’s work rotated by the meat grinder, even though I begged her not to. So yes. But that’s okay. All good. We’ll fix that soon …

The last statement is particularly exciting: “We’ll fix that soon” – Rick Riordan can only mean the Percy Jackson series from Disney +, with which he developed apparently happier so far is. He also adds that he never saw the movies. Already when reading the screenplays, he gave up his hopes for a worthy adaptation.

I still haven’t seen the films and I don’t plan to ever do so. I judge them on Basis of the screenplaysthat I read because the story is most important to me. I certainly have nothing against the very talented actors. It is not her fault. I’m just sorry they got sucked into this crap.

Now we can be curious whether the Percy Jackson series actually brings a qualitative leap. Another fantasy series did the trick at least recently: After the Golden Compass failed in the cinema, the series version His Dark Materials produced by HBO and BBC enjoyed greater popularity and was extended by a second season.

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Did you find the Percy Jackson films as bad as Rick Riordan?

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