Percentage of positive tests in test lanes increases


More and more people are being tested for corona in the test streets of the regional health services. But the number of corona cases that this brings to light is rising even faster, according to data from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

This indicates that the virus is still spreading, and the increase in the number of detected infections is not due to the increase in the number of tests.

Last week, nearly 230,000 people were tested at a GGD location. The results of about half are known and 9 percent of them turned out to have the virus. In the week before, 207,670 people were tested, and of those tests, 8 percent were positive. Just a week earlier, 6.3 percent of the nearly 193,000 people tested had been found to be infected. In June, July, and August, 0.6 to 4 percent of all tests were positive.

Since 1 June, every Dutch person with complaints can have themselves tested at the GGD. Since then 2 million tests have been carried out. That revealed just over 74,000 infections, 3.6 percent of all tests.

The coronavirus is under control when, with enough tests, less than 5 percent of all people tested are positive, the United Nations World Health Organization, WHO, determined in May. The organization recommends relaxing measures only when less than 5 percent of all tests are positive for at least two consecutive weeks.


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