People’s Deputy from “Servant of the People” Kostin did not qualify for the next stage of the competition for the post of head of the SAP

At this stage, the commission checks the integrity of the applicants.

“None of the international members of the commission, as well as Roman Kuybida and Vyacheslav Navrotsky, voted for Kostin’s virtue. The participation of international experts is working,” Shabunin wrote.

According to him, Kostin’s candidacy was supported on June 4 by members of the commission delegated by the Verkhovna Rada. They “were simply indecently stretching out Kostin,” Shabunin added.

Also at this stage, the current acting acting president left the competition. Head of SAP Maxim Grischuk, informed June 1 Telegram channel Fight Corruptor, which covers the progress of the competition.

Of all those admitted to the interview stage, only one participant of the competition has so far passed to the next round – the head of the detectives department of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau Alexander Klimenko, his candidacy was unanimously supported on June 3, notes Fight Corruptor.


There is no permanent leader in SAP now. Previous – Nazar Kholodnitsky – resigned in August 2020. He headed the department since 2015.

Acceptance of documents from applicants for the post of head of SAP began on January 25 and lasted until February 15.

To participate in the competition for vacant positions in the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, 169 people submitted documents, of which admitted 128 applicants.

Kostin, who before his election to the Rada worked as a lawyer in Odessa, The media was named the main candidate for the position heads of SAP. Shabunin assumes that now the members of the commission will “overwhelm the competition” so that it does not take place.

On September 17, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a draft resolution, which approved the members of the commission on holding a competition for filling administrative positions in SAP… The commission consists of 11 people: four are delegated by the Council of Prosecutors, seven – by the parliament.

The proposed candidates were criticized by opposition parliamentary factions, pointing out that they had no experience in the fight against corruption (this requirement is contained in Article 8 of the Law “On the Prosecutor’s Office”).

MEPs, members of the Foreign Affairs Committee Viola von Cramont-Taubadel and Michael Galer said before the vote that Ukraine risks losing IMF support and visa-free travel with the EU.



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