People with Meghan are running out of patience: Harry, get a divorce!

Meghan (39) totiž Harry (36) allegedly has complete control. Harry’s “rebellion” began just during his marriage to a former actress. Starting with her voluntary departure from the palace, through Meghan’s zealous efforts to make political visibility, both British society and Buckingham Palace see this very clearly.

Nightmare Karla Gotta sails again. Will Ivan step in? And a bitter farewell to Harry and Meghan

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Although Prince Harry’s wife is considered a modern icon of feminism by American women, some American congressmen are pushing the Queen to Markleové removed the title. The paradox remains that Harry and Meghan moved to America precisely so that they would not be seen and discussed so much. But they are constantly appearing in the media. At the same time, the former actress, who even makes motivational videos for young girls starting a career, is a bad example for women who are fighting for equality. She did not “make a hole in the world” for herself. She became most famous only because of her marriage to Harry, which is not a good example for self-sufficient women.

Unhappy Queen: Harry, leave Meghan! And husband Pilars about the pain before death

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If she had a queen Elisabeth (94) to overcome the fact that Prince Harry gave up his royal roles, his other actions pour oil on the fire. There is a lot of traffic, especially around Meghan, Harry, according to people, is rather “unhappy”. And according to experts, it’s a matter of time before Harry himself gets nervous.


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