People will also have to change their mobile phones at T-Mobile, the 3G network will be switched off in November

“We want to connect our country with the most advanced network, and turning off 3G will allow us to further improve it. The spectrum originally used for 3G will become available for the latest LTE and 5G technologies. High-speed internet and other mobile services of the highest quality will thus be even more affordable, and we will once again get one step closer to a truly gigabit company, “said Zdeněk Bumbálek, T-Mobile’s access network strategy manager.

However, Kateřina Mikesková from the operator’s press department emphasized that the change will only affect the minimum number of users. “The vast majority of customers will not notice the change, because they already use SIM cards and communication devices that have support for modern LTE or 5G technologies,” said Mikesková.

“The change itself will actually affect only a minimum of customers who will use the 3G network for mobile data transmission at the time of its shutdown. There are already less than one percent of them. The vast majority of T-Mobile customers already have top mobile services available today, because they use devices and SIM cards with LTE support. Therefore, switching off the 3G mobile network will not affect them at all, “said the media representative.

If people have a 3G-only device and only want to use call and SMS services, they don’t have to change anything. Newer devices are only needed if they also require a mobile connection. Voice and text services work in second-generation networks.

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