People say goodbye to Jiří Menzel in Rudolfinum

In Rudolfinum, government regulations apply, so all guests must wear a veil and the building should be entered in pairs.


Viktor Preiss came to say goodbye to Jiří Menzel

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People should not wear wreaths, on the contrary, it is desirable that they bring their own stationery if they want to write in a book of condolences.

The Rudolfinum will be open until 18:00. Due to the monument protection of the building, it will not be possible to place candles on the staircase to Rudolfinum, for example. However, it will be possible to do so in a nearby park, where a panel exhibition The Whimsical Years of Jiří Menzel will also take place.

According to Menzel’s last wish, a public funeral was not planned. Menzelová decided to reverent the meeting after the great interest of friends, colleagues and fans of the successful filmmaker.


Aleš Cibulka also came to say goodbye to Jiří Menzel

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Film director, theater maker and actor Jiří Menzel, as one of the few Czech filmmakers who received a statuette from the American Film Academy, made Czech cinema famous at the beginning of his career. He received an Oscar for his 1966 film Closely Watched Trains, based on a novel by Bohumil Hrabal. According to his books, Menzel filmed later. Zdeněk Svěrák provided him with other ideas that led to films that were successful for the audience and that have been played to this day.

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