“People need music, dance, literature and art again!”

The pandemic-related restrictions are currently being relaxed step by step: In one area, however, there is still great uncertainty – the activity of street artists falls into a legal gray area, says Team K and calls for clear provisions for these cultural workers as well.

This unclear situation makes the work of the musicians, who in part also have to make a living from it, as very difficult, says Alex Ploner from Team K. “People need music, dance, literature and art again – now perhaps more than ever!”

No other summer without street performers

Right now creativity, speed, courage and trust are required in cultural policy. Another summer without street artists, concerts or theater is not justifiable. “Fortunately, certain areas of culture are allowed to reopen,” says Ploner. However, street art was forgotten.

“Where markets and sales in squares are possible, culture on the street must also be allowed again.”

Balm on people’s souls

In fact, the activities of street artists are not regulated and the artists concerned do not currently know whether and in what form they are allowed to perform on the streets of South Tyrolean cities, reports Ploner.

A clear regulation in this area for the summer would be important to give these artists and cultural workers the opportunity to pursue their work and earn money. “At the same time, music, acrobatics and pantomime inspire visitors to the city centers in South Tyrol too. This art is the long-missing balm on people’s souls, ”Team K is convinced.



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