People from the netherlands have a lot more of the antibodies against feline corona virus in their blood

People from the netherlands and have a lot more antibodies to the corona virus in their blood than other people. It finds a blood bank is Responsible for a detailed analysis of more than 7000 samples between 9 and 18 may be tested. In the middle, and to the east of the province of Brabant and in Limburg, and appeared to be between 8 and 10 per cent of blood donors have antibodies to. Nationally is 5.4 percent, he is Responsible for all of the previously.

The antibodies in the blood indicate that a person is infected with the corona virus. The extent to which the substances to be detected in the blood donors to give an indication of the spread of the virus among the general population. If the people with the virus have been able to have their body in the future to better respond to the virus again, the body is trying to do. The corona virus is not, however, determine that people are, by definition, are immune after the first infection.

That is, in the provinces of Brabant and in Limburg and more people are using the antibodies and live, it is in line with the other figures of the coronapandemie. In the two counties were relatively well most of the people are infected, and most of the hospitalizations, and deaths.

According to figures published by the national Institute for public Health and the Environment (RIVM), shows that, in the province of Limburg since the virus outbreak and 435 of infections per 100 000 inhabitants are found in the netherlands of 377 per 100,000 population.

As Per a population of 100,000 people died in the province of Limburg is 67, and in the netherlands 60. In comparison, in Groningen, the netherlands), the province with the least contamination, only 61 of the infections, and 3 deaths for every 100,000 inhabitants, adopted. Moreover, the GOVERNMENT assumed that the actual numbers may be higher, as for many months only a limited test.

‘The vaccine is really for the rescue”
Responsible for research, Hans Zaaijer, which concluded earlier on the basis of the national results of his investigations, that the so-called groepsimmuniteit is still a long way off, and that a vaccine really is to the rescue ” written on it. Responsible for now a two time donated blood is examined and it would be like to be a third time, do so. If there is, it is up in the air. “There are no concrete agreements with the GOVERNMENT about it”, says a spokesperson from the blood bank know about it.


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