People are disappointed in Maria Naumova – People’s Speech

What Marija Naumova said in an interview has caused a stir on social networks.

On May 20, the singer gave an interview to the portal The conversation touches on both the topic of war in Ukraine and May 9 – topics that do not leave the public indifferent.

Some of the answers given “fell in the eyes” of people. Namely:


And these words about “each with its own truth and” theater “also caused a sharp reaction in people and yes, also disappointment. For example,

Dace: Maria Nauoma ‘Ended’

Christ: Probably some artists have already realized that attempts to get in the middle, which is not the case, will fail.

Ģirts: No, Maria, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is not theater. Also, the theater is not the massacre of the people of Buča, Irpiņa and Borodjanka. The theater also does not have Russian-fired missiles that hit residential homes in Odessa, Kharkiv, Kiev and elsewhere in Ukraine. Sorry Mary that lives on ZombieTV. Disappointment.

Gabriela: What a strange view, living in a country with unlimited access to information!

Jānis: I’m not saying that all Russians are stupid … But it is precisely the fact that Naumova is a Russian that largely determines this – “everyone has their own right”, thereby more or less consciously trying to justify Russia. Unfortunately.

Liene: Mary, shame

Darija: Unexpectedly from her … She created her career thanks to Latvia. Looks like the theater is played by Mary herself …

Ingemars: These “middle-aged” pedestrians would probably be the first to either flee the country or help the occupiers – in any case, no matter how many whites wash now – I will never change my opinion about these “middle-aged” traitors – self-help seekers!

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Jānis: I read what Maria said! Horror ?!

Who bombed Ukraine with rockets, killing hundreds of civilians? Who invaded Ukraine? Isn’t that Russia? Mary is sorry for you, and she does not live in Russia, where people have been stolen with one-sided, distorted information!

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