People are afraid of how Queen Elizabeth is. They were reassured by Prince Harry

The Queen Elizabeth II. he has been sitting on the British throne for 68 years. She has experienced a lot during that time, but perhaps the most difficult period has been going on since April this year. After the death of Prince Philip, with whom she lived almost her entire life, some people are afraid of the ruler. But according to Prince Harry, unnecessarily.

The queen is strong and can handle everything, said Prince Harry in a new documentary about the life and legacy of his grandfather Prince Philip. At the age of 99, he last exhaled on April 9 this year. He was a lifelong support for Elizabeth, the couple were almost 74 years old. It is no wonder, then, that there are concerns about how she coped with the loss.

“I miss him very much, but even more so when I realize how incredible strength he gave to his grandmother. At the same time, I know that even without him, he will be fine.” says Harry in the movie according to the portal Express.

The queen herself refused to speak in the document.

Harry finds it admirable how strong the bond between Elizabeth and Philip was. “They were simply the cutest couple. Behind what the world saw were two normal people who loved each other so much.” added.

Prince Philip is famous for his undisguised spaciousness. “Don’t stay here too long, otherwise you will have slanted eyes,” he told British students in China. Hundreds of his announcements are recorded, and some have even been published in book form.

Watch TV Nova’s report on the celebrations of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation (June 2021):



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