People Aged 50 Years Produce Higher Corona Covid-19 Virus Antibodies

Wednesday, November 10, 2021 | 09:01 WIB

Illustration of the Corona Covid-19 virus, antibodies. (Shutterstock) – Researchers have found that people aged 50 and over produce more antibodies to the Covid-19 coronavirus than others.

In the new study published in Nature’s Scientific Reports, a group of Canadian chemists led by the Univerite de Montreal examined laboratory samples of patients who had recovered from a mild Covid-19 coronavirus infection.

The purpose of this sample examination is to determine natural infection or injecting a Covid-19 vaccine that produces more protective antibodies against the Covid-19 corona virus.

When people who are lightly infected with the Covid-19 coronavirus inject the Covid-19 vaccine, the level of antibodies in their blood is double that of people who are infected with the corona virus but not vaccinated.

A total of 30 adults in Canada who were positive for the Covid-19 corona virus who were not hospitalized were enrolled in this study for 2 to 3 weeks after being diagnosed in 2020, before the emergence of the Beta variant, Delta variant and Gamma variant.

The researchers collected blood samples from patients 4 and 16 weeks after being diagnosed with COVID-19 positive. The participants were divided into 4 groups based on age.

Then, antibody levels were measured with the spike protein of the coronavirus variant. The group reported sustained humoral responses to the variant spike protein among non-hospitalized Canadian adults.

In addition, the response inhibits the interaction between the spike protein variant and the ACE-2 receptor, which acts as a receptor for the Covid-19 coronavirus for more than 16 weeks of being diagnosed with the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Except, the patients aged 18-49 years. They showed no inhibition of the interaction between the receptor protein and the spike in the coronavirus variant.

The relationship measured between the spike protein of the coronavirus variant and the antibodies from the blood serum of those who had been infected with the coronavirus and the vaccination, the results remained unchanged.

Meanwhile, the antibodies produced by the original strain of the virus also react to other variants of the corona virus. These antibodies do so to a lesser extent.

Then, blood serum from people who received Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccines had higher antibody levels and more efficiently inhibited spikes in coronavirus variants and ACE-2 receptor protein interactions.

In fact, scientists have shown the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine among people aged 18-49.

“Our most surprising finding is that antibodies produced by people aged 50 years and over and who have been infected with the corona virus provide a greater level of protection than people under the age of 50,” said Joelle Pelletier, lead author of the study, quoted from Fox News.

These results were found by measuring the capacity of the antibody to inhibit the interaction of the Delta variant spike protein with the ACE-2 receptor in human cells. Because, that’s what causes us to be infected with the Covid-19 corona virus.


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