Penzberg: Corona numbers are increasing – “ice fairy tale” on the brink

Because of the noise problem with the “ice fairy tale”, the city of Penzberg now has a lawyer letter with several demands on the table. An agreement is assumed in the town hall. Currently, however, the “ice fairy tale” threatens from another side: due to the increasing corona numbers.

Penzberg – Because of the high number of infections in the district – as of Friday, the red warning level – events are currently being canceled in a row. The Penzberg “ice fairy tale” on the town square is apparently on the brink. “Because of the corona numbers, we have to see whether we can do it at all,” said town hall spokesman Thomas Sendl on Friday on request. A decision will be made two weeks after the autumn break. If the seven-day incidence value in the district of 100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants is exceeded, “it will be very difficult,” he said. Actually there are still six weeks until the “ice fairy tale”. It is scheduled to start on Saturday, December 5th. In September, the city council decided on a hygiene concept with a visitor limit. At the moment, the preparations would continue, said Sendl. But a decision must be made before large sums of money are spent.

Noise problem: Penzberg town hall has a new lawyer letter

Another problem for the “ice fairy tale” is the noise pollution. The town hall has had a new lawyer letter for a few days in which the city is asked to confirm promises that have so far only been made orally. In this case, said attorney Markus Fürst at the request of our newspaper, his clients could “imagine that they will not be negative about the event”. The more cooperative the city is, the sooner one is willing to turn a blind eye, says Fürst.

As reported, the city council had received a noise measurement from TÜV Südbayern at the beginning of October, according to which the limit values ​​for the last “ice fairy tale” had been exceeded in some cases. It will no longer be so easy to celebrate parties on the town square, Mayor Stefan Korpan (CSU) commented on the result. At that time, measurements were taken from an apartment in the rear part of the Rathausplatz.

Ice fairy tale: lawyer demands continuous measurement also on Karlstrasse

Attorney Fürst stated on Friday that he now represents four residents. His new client lives on Karlstrasse, which is even closer to the town square. This is important insofar as the expert from TÜV Südbayern warned the city council at the beginning of October that measurements on apartments closer to the town square would result in even higher values, so the limit value could be broken significantly.

Attorney Fürst now wants this “ice fairy tale” to also have a permanent measurement on his client on Karlstrasse. The city should also confirm in writing that there will be no live music and that there will be a visitor limit, a sound level limit and, in the event of problems, a vote during the “ice fairytale”. He also called for a statement that local residents would be involved in the planning of future events.

According to the town hall spokesman Sendl, no answer has yet been formulated. However, he assured that the city would keep its promises.


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