Pensions explode: pensioners collect 75 billion euros a year – my money

The wave of retirement in the public sector is driving up expenditure for ex-civil servants: In 2020, the state paid a total of 75.2 billion euros to retirees!

That is an increase of 32.2 billion euros (or 75%) compared to 2002. This is the result of a new study by the University of Freiburg for the Market Economy Foundation.

Worrying: The pension commitments to active civil servants are much higher. Accordingly, the federal, state and local governments have so far pledged 4.3 trillion euros in pensions. In some federal states, almost one in five tax euros is now spent on pensions.

► The citizens of Bremen and Hamburg are hit hardest: calculated per capita, they are liable to 50 292 euros and 45 701 euros, respectively, for pension commitments.

► In Saarland (38,524 euros per capita), Berlin (35,920 euros), Baden-Württemberg (30,554 euros) and North Rhine-Westphalia (29,822 euros), the pension costs weigh heavily on citizens.

► The costs are slightly lower in Thuringia (5791 euros), Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (8766 euros) and Saxony (4105 euros).

There is no improvement in sight, warns the head of the study, Prof. Bernd Raffelhüschen (63, photo): “The baby boomers are now going into retirement, so the coming years will be expensive for taxpayers.” expensive civil service: “Why should teachers or professors be civil servants?”



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