Penny Market has increased the hourly wage by ten percent. He will also give employees vouchers for purchases

In connection with the pandemic from this Monday, at least until the end of the year, the Penny Market chain increased the hourly wage of employees by ten percent. Full-time employees can get up to about 5,000 crowns more. Before Christmas, employees will receive vouchers for purchases in Penny for CZK 3,500. The company announced this in a press release on Monday.

According to its CEO Radek Hovorka, Penny Market considers an increase in salaries for all those who ensure the operation of stores, the central warehouse and other departments of the company to be a fairer solution than a one-time reward. Penny intends to invest over 50 million crowns in raising wages.

“We are aware of the difficult and complex times our people are going through. Thanks to them, we are able to provide all services at the same level in the current situation, while adhering to all our standards and the necessary hygiene and other government measures. It is natural for us that We want to thank you in this way for their performance and commitment, “said Hovorka.

In February, Penny Market stated that from March, the basic salary of full-time cashiers, depending on the length of their employment, will be from 24,000 to almost 30,000 crowns per month. The average wage in the entire Czech Republic in the second quarter of this year was CZK 23,984.

As in the spring, other food networks have now prepared extraordinary bonuses. For example, in response to the current situation, Billa recently handed out gift cards for purchases in its supermarkets worth CZK 3,000 to cashiers, employees of fresh departments, salespeople and warehouse workers. Operating employees of Albert stores will receive a bonus of CZK 3,000 this quarter.

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Retail sales in the Czech Republic have been banned since October 22. Exceptions are groceries, drugstores, pharmacies, opticians, florists and haberdashery. Shops can operate until 19:59 at the most, they must be closed on Sundays. Along with retail, the government has also reduced the operation of services. Most of them have had to temporarily cease their activities, people have access to services, towing vehicles or funeral services.

The state of emergency has been in force in the Czech Republic since 5 October. It was originally supposed to last 30 days, the government wanted to extend it for another month. However, on Friday, deputies agreed to its continued duration until November 20.

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