Penny is now selling meat loaf pretzels

Two typical Bavarian dishes combined? The discounter Penny now has this on offer. The Leberkäse in pretzel form could cause displeasure among some customers in the future.

Take a meat loaf, mustard, pretzels as a side dish, beer – and a dish is ready to match the taste of Bavarian cuisine. Usually everything is served separately, but Penny merges two popular components into one product. The Leberkäs pretzels are now available for customers in the discounter. “Tz” had previously reported on the novelty.

Penny already had a similar product as a promotional item from another manufacturer. The Discounter currently sells the product under its own brand “Penny Ready”. Penny is getting involved with other manufacturers, because Netto and Aldi Süd already had meat loaf in pretzel form.

Leberkäse is coated with lye breading

A customer found the product in a branch and tweeted the new discovery. This shows that the pretzel is coated in breadcrumbs and can be eaten in the oven after three to four minutes.

It remains to be seen whether the product will be well received by customers. For the Leberkäs pretzels from Meadows Some customers were not enthusiastic about delicacies on Twitter last year.

Time and again, discounters lure customers with typical Bavarian products for the Oktoberfest. For example, in recent years there has been White sausages from the can or pizza with slices of white sausage.

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