Penny has launched its own e-shop. DoDo will take care of the delivery

The Penny Market food chain is entering the online environment, launching its own e-shop called Pennydoms, so far in the form of a pilot project in Pilsen. The delivery of orders will be in charge of the courier company DoDo. If the pilot operation is successful, Penny plans to expand Pennydoms to other Czech cities.

“The last year and a half has changed people’s shopping behavior and we want to offer them an alternative to shopping in our brick-and-mortar stores,” said Penny Market CEO Jens Krieger.

Penny Market will not have a special store to prepare for purchases, but plans to use all of its approximately four hundred stores. After ordering on the store’s online address, the purchase will be ready at the nearest store, where it will then be picked up by a DoDo courier and delivered to the required address. DoDo will not only deliver orders, but also prepare them.

Customers will be able to order their purchase three days in advance and can cancel their order four hours before scheduled delivery. Penny Market will also offer delivery from two hours after ordering. After starting the preparation of the purchase, the customer will receive an SMS message with the exact delivery date. But in order for customers to create an order, they will have to spend at least five hundred crowns.

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“In June, the system was tested by our employees and, from September, by selected customers. We have now launched it for the general public in Pilsen, “describes the development of the project by the Czech CEO of Penny Market, Radek Hovorka. The aim of the pilot project is to test its technical side and customer satisfaction. However, Hovorka also points out that the Pilsen project is a test at which the company will verify not only the interest of customers in this new service, but also whether the concept will be interesting in the long run.

Penny Market is a subsidiary of the international retail chain REWE. It entered the Czech market in 1997, today it operates more than four hundred stores.

Especially during the pandemic, interest in online shopping has grown significantly. Other Czech food chains that offer their customers the option of online shopping with delivery include, for example, Lidl or Tesco.

This year we will launch a pilot e-shop and open new stores, says the CEO of Penny Market Hovorka

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