Peñarol Mar del Plata traced it back and returned to victory with Communications

The “Milrayitas” was down by 16 points in the third quarter but he knew how to turn it around and got another victory in the National League by 86-83.

(Photo: Rodrigo Valle / National League press)

Peñarol from Mar del Plata got a victory worked before Communications by 86-83 this Monday at “El Templo del Rock” for a new date for the National Basketball League. In a match where he came to lose by 16 points in the third quarter, the Milrayitas He took advantage of some errors from Mercedes’ team, he knew how to turn the result around and he smiled again.

The Mar del Plata team was again without their new foreigner Sundiata Gaines since they have not yet obtained the corresponding authorization. Likewise, from Peñarol they hope that the situation will be fixed for the next match of Peña what will he be Thursday from 16.30 when he faces Oberá Tennis Club.

In strictly sports, the first half was not showy, it was full of inaccuracies despite a goal that was not low. Peñarol added 15 losses against 12 of Comu. Guido Mariani with 10 points and Franco Pennacchiotti with 8 units stood out in the Mar del Plata team, while the scoring of the Mercedes team was more distributed and the scorer so far was the former Peña, Juan Pablo Cantero with 11 points. To the long rest they went 34-41.

Averaging the third quarter, Comunicaciones managed to get a maximum of 13 points (41-54) and forced Leandro Ramella to request a time out. Then, Comu stretched the difference to 16 units, but slowly the whole of Mar del Plata was recomposed and with good contributions, mainly from Mariani y Tony Mitchell, they went to the defining room for 5 below (56-61).

That clean and jerk He continued to take advantage of it at the beginning of the last quarter and with a triple by the American Mitchell and two cuts to the basket by Rodrigo Acuña, he caused a partial of 7-0, and thus they managed to go to the front of the party for the first time in the game (63-61).

The doubts were present in that period of play in those directed by Ariel Rearte. Given this, foreigners Austin Williams and Jordan Adams returned to the playing field, who were able to accommodate important pieces in the generation of the game and with greater poise they approached at the end of the game.

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But with cuts in opportune moments, Peñarol of Mar del Plata was able to smile again after another victory, this time for 86-83. With this result he reached 10 wins and 15 losses in the National League season. The next game of those directed by Leandro Ramella will be the Thursday from 4.30 pm before Oberá Tennis Club.


Peñarol (86): Joaquín Valinotti 0, Guido Mariani 24, Tomás Monacchi 5, Tony Mitchell 21 and Franco Pennacchiotti 10 (FI). Diego Gerbaudo 2, Santiago Vaulet 11, Rodrigo Acuña 11, Lucas Gorosterrazú 2 and Fernando Dose 0. DT: Leandro Ramella.

Communications (83): Juan Pablo Cantero 20, Jordan Adams 21, Miguel Gerlero 7, Mariano Fierro 10 and Robert Battle 9 (FI); Luciano Guerra 2, José Montero 2, Lucas Arn 6 and Austin Williams 6. DT: Ariel Rearte.

Partial: 12-19; 22-22 (34-41); 22-20 (56-61) and 30-22 (86-83)

Referee: Julio Denmark, Gonzalo Delsart and Jorge Chávez.

Stadium: The Temple of Rock, Sanitary Works.

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