Penalty for PS5 scammer who partnered with influencers

The judge in Amsterdam has determined this, reports For every sale he tries after the judgment, he has to pay 1,000 euros to Sony. That can amount to 10,000 euros.

The man ran a web store where he sold the game console in May this year, long before it was officially on the market. He also offered games that did not exist at all, such as Grand Theft Auto VI.

Collaboration with YouTubers

The online store was advertised on YouTubers Koen Weijland and Milan Knol, who have 249,000 and 1.39 million subscribers respectively. Viewers were urged to buy the game console on the site.

The scammer was featured in an episode of NPO program Boos, after a viewer complained that he bought a game console that he would probably never receive. After that broadcast, the victim’s money was returned.

Penalty and 6,000 euros

Sony went to court to stop the website on the basis of copyright. The Japanese game computer maker had never given the man permission to use their logo and would therefore be breaking the law.

The judge agreed with Sony. In addition to the penalty imposed, the convicted person must also pay the legal costs of 6,000 euros.

Because the summary proceedings only focused on the infringed copyright, the judgment has no influence on possible other victims. The man claims he gave everyone the money back.

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