Pelosi criticizes “slow” distribution of vaccines in the US while Trump blames state authorities


The president of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has criticized this Wednesday the “slow” distribution of the coronavirus vaccine in the United States, something for which she has blamed the Administration of President Donald Trump for logistics problems and health infrastructure, while the leader has blamed the States for this slowdown.

Pelosi has contrasted the rapid speed with which the vaccine against COVID-19 has been developed as opposed to the slower rate of vaccinations that is taking place in the country “due to the mismanagement of the Trump administration.”

In this sense, the Democrat has stressed that “one of the things that delays vaccination in the country is the lack of cooperation from the Trump Administration in the distribution of syringes and other things that go into the inoculation process, and also delays some of the vaccines. “

In reference to vaccines, Pelosi has told reporters on Capitol Hill that “one thing is for them to be in the laboratory, and another for them to be in the arms (of citizens),” so “this has to be done better.” , according to statements collected by the Bloomberg news agency.

For his part, the White House tenant has used his Twitter account to specify that “the Federal Government has distributed the vaccines to the States.”

Once this step has been taken, “now it is up to the States to administer them. Move!” Trump has urged the state authorities.


This intersection of accusations between Republicans and Democrats occurs while the country continues to be the most affected in the world by the pandemic, with an increase in incidence figures, and the first cases of the new strain of the coronavirus are beginning to be registered.

First detected in the UK, this new variant is believed to be more contagious than dangerous. This Tuesday, the health authorities of the state of Colorado reported that the first case of this strain had been detected in a citizen.

While this Wednesday, the California authorities have confirmed the first case of this variant in their state, becoming the second detected in the country.

So far, the United States adds 19,737,188 cases of coronavirus and 342,259 deaths from the disease, according to figures provided by Johns Hopkins University.


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