Pelicans do not plan to lift Williamson minute limit in the near future – Basketball –

“It’s very difficult,” Williamson said in an interview ESPN. “Exiting the field, I started to feel the game, but then suddenly I hear a siren signaling that I have to leave the field and go to the reserve bench. I enter the rhythm, but then suddenly my time on the field is over. It’s not fun.”

Williamson is used to limited time on the field, because in January, when the player made his debut in the NBA, he experienced a similar situation. Williams admitted that he would love to be on the field longer: “It’s fun to play, but I can’t show everything I’m capable of during the limited time of the game. I like to compete and I want to be on the field.”

Pelicans president David Griffin explained the situation, noting that the team’s management will continue to be cautious and take seriously how many minutes Zay Williamson will spend on the court: “Zaion joined the team much later than other players. He had not played basketball for four months and we cannot risk his health in this situation. “

Williamson is the future of the New Orleans team, so it’s no surprise that the club’s management is very cautious in this situation: “I appreciate that everyone wants him to spend 40 minutes on the field, but we can’t take risks. There’s no alternative and no other players . “

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