Pelé calls for discipline and solidarity after the corona vaccination

Sao Paolo –

Football legend Pelé (80) described the day of his corona vaccination on his Instagram channel as “unforgettable”.

  • Pelé with Instagram post after corona vaccination

  • Football legend appeals to solidarity

  • Brazil with more than a quarter of a million fatalities

The home of the former world-class attacker is badly affected by the pandemic, the Brazilian appealed to the people of his country on Tuesday (March 2) to master the situation together.

Pelé conjures solidarity after the corona vaccination

“I got the vaccination!” Pele posted a photo on Instagram in which he is wearing a mask and holding out his thumb. Underneath the message: “The pandemic is not over yet, we have to remain disciplined to save lives because many people have not yet been vaccinated”. Pelé has 5.7 million subscribers on Instagram alone.

Hygiene measures such as wearing masks, washing hands and keeping a distance are important: “This pandemic will pass if we help each other and take care.”

Corona: Over 255,000 dead in Brazil

Pelé, who is struggling with health problems, is currently living in seclusion in his home in Sao Paulo. When asked, his press team did not provide any information about which corona vaccine the ex-footballer received and whether it was the first or second dose.

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Brazil is one of the countries in the world hardest hit by the pandemic. More than 1,100 people are currently dying from coronavirus infections in the South American country every day. More than 255,000 corona deaths have been recorded in Brazil since the beginning of the pandemic. (afp, sid, bl)


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