Peek at the Performance of the ASSA Subsidiary Purchased by Boy Thohir, JAKARTA – A subsidiary of PT Adi Sarana Armada Tbk. (ASSA), namely PT Tri Adi Bersama alias Anteraja, has just announced its latest corporate action. The name of Boy Thohir who is the boss of PT Adaro Energy Tbk. (ADRO), has purchased a 10 percent stake from Anteraja.

Based on the ASSA report through the disclosure of information on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), Tri Adi Bersama issued 490,413 new shares or the equivalent of 10 percent with a transaction value of IDR 70.55 billion. All the shares were purchased by a third party, namely Boy Thohir.

“All pre-existing TAB shareholders will waive their pre-emptive rights to subscribe to the shares for the issuance of the new shares,” the management wrote in an information disclosure, Wednesday (13/4/2022).

With the TAB transaction, the share ownership of ASSA and other shareholders is diluted.

Prior to the transaction, Anteraja’s shareholder structure was ASSA as much as 55 percent, PT Roda Bangun Selaras with 25 percent, and Time Prestige Investments Limited with 20 percent.

After the transaction, its share ownership became ASSA 49.5 percent, Roda Bangun Selaras 22.5 percent, Time Prestige Investments Limited 18 percent, and Garibaldi Thohir 10 percent.

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