Pedro Roth, an art that expresses itself where it wants

Together with the artists Daniel Santoro, Marcelo Céspedes and Tata Cedrón, among others, he formed the Estrella de Oriente collective. In 2014 they made the film “The whale is full”: a large cruise ship with a capacity for 5,000 people that accepted contingents of migrants eager to improve their existential situation. Curators, artists, psychoanalysts, and experts in the art world stepped in to prepare them spiritually and turn them into works of art. In this way they entered any First World country, where museums and foundations would accept them. It was a hilarious film, a critique of artistic manipulation and a good reflection on art.

But Pedro Roth does not deny the space of an art gallery and his current exhibition, at Librería Menéndez, allows him to get in touch with the work of this multifaceted artist, in which everything constitutes a story. His images, sometimes cruel, are of beings that defy the law of gravity, of bony hands and threatening teeth that refer to the Holocaust. The Judaic is very present in his work: on Saturday, the Jewish year, the rabbis, the Golem, a project thus entitled that was exhibited in Prague where symposia of philosophers, scientists and religious were held. Art, as he stated, “is a way of life, I work without ceasing, I draw on tablecloths, napkins and any surface that falls into my hands, I feel that what I paint has to do with dreams that I don’t remember” .

His intense coloring is related to his innate optimism despite the tragic circumstances of his early childhood. Pedro Roth, an extraordinary character, is the author of an unclassifiable painting that, despite his expressionist spirit, has to do with his cultural roots, a survivor of the Holocaust, guardian of memory and a work in perpetual evolution. (Librería Menéndez Art Space. Paraguay 431. From 11 to 18).

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