Pedro Porro: Overcoming Criticism and Finding Success at Tottenham Hotspur

Pedro Porro: Overcoming Criticism and Finding Success at Tottenham Hotspur

VALENCIA. Pedro Porro (Don Benito, 1999) has managed to establish himself as a starter on the right wing for Tottenham Hotspur. He started the Premier League as a substitute after a difficult season last year, but now he has five starts in a row and has a clear message: “My job is to make the people who have criticized me wrong.”

Porro speaks from the experience of having suffered criticism from television experts last season, one of the most difficult for Tottenham, which had three coaches and did not qualify for European competition.

Now, as a starter ahead of Emerson Royal and after taking a point at the Emirates Stadium, the Extremaduran speaks with EFE in his best moment since arriving at Tottenham.

Question: They came to play against Arsenal and they were the favorites. Are they happy with the tie?

Answer: We came to play our game, to do what we had been doing since the season began. We wanted to win, we got a point which is also good and now it’s time to continue next week when we have another important game.

Q: They beat Manchester United, they have taken a point from Arsenal, London’s great rival, do you see yourself looking at the teams at the top of the table?

A: We work game by game, it is true that we have seen it today. I think we are going little by little and on the right track.

Q: What is the pressure like to be in a team like Tottenham, which has not won anything for fifteen years, and which Harry Kane left this summer?

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A: That’s a matter for outsiders. We are focused on doing our job well and I believe that the rest is secondary.

Q: The feeling is that with (the Australian Ange) Postecoglou everything is going in the right direction. The fans are happy, the results are good, the game is being played well. Does it look the same in the locker room?

A: It looks like we are happy. When you have happy players, it shows differently on the field. Ange is a great coach, in what we have worked with him, he has that mentality that the players also have and together we are on a good path.

Q: What is the change that has been experienced from last year – with the dance of coaches, Conte, Mason, Stellini… – to this season?

A: They are different coaches, with different ideas. For example, I have been here for a short time, with the arrival of Ange… I had never played inside, it cost me a little more, but I think that as the games go by it will get better, but he has given me confidence and I appreciate it.

Q: Recently, in an interview with Sky Sports, you talked about the criticism you received when you arrived in England. How do you live together and how do you overcome that criticism?

A: You focus more on playing. These criticisms bother you, because for me it is the first time I play here, it is a very different league, the best league in the world. You try to accept the criticism and move on. Working in silence, showing that I am a player who can give a lot and being humble. Make those people who have criticized you wrong.

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