Pedro Pierluisi denies that there is a “war” within the PNP

The candidate for the candidacy for the government of the New Progressive Party (PNP), Pedro Pierluisi, rejected this Sunday that within the community a “war” is waged between the leaders and militants who favor his figure and those who support the governor Wanda Vázquez Garced.

In turn, he assured that he has the support of 30 of the 34 representatives and 12 of the 19 senators of that political community. “The other (senators), either have not spoken or there are, exactly, I think there are four, who have spoken openly in favor of the other contender”Pierluisi said in reference to Vázquez Garced.

He added that 25 mayors support his candidacy, as well as 40 of the 45 municipal presidents where the community does not maintain control of the city council. “It is overwhelming support for my candidacy at the level of the entire structure of this party. So when they talk about that there is a war for that reason, it is not correct, because I have many senators and senators who favor my candidacy, what happens is that there is a difference of opinion between both bodies, that normally happens, “he argued .

“I have support throughout the party base. It is verified ”he insisted.

Pierluisi’s expressions that there is no animosity among the leaders of the PNP contrast with the legislative scenario, especially during these final days of the last ordinary session of the four-year period, when measures by the House of Representatives were left without being able to be attended to after the Senate will abruptly close its work on Thursday.

There is also discomfort, mainly among representatives, for the call for an extraordinary session, as Vázquez Garced had advanced in the Situation and Budget Message, to attend various measures.

Added to this scenario is the alleged alliance between Vázquez and the President of the Senate, Thomas Rivera Schatz; the attacks by the governor’s campaign manager, Jorge Dávila, on the House of Representatives; and the controversy over the property allegedly lost in La Fortaleza after Ricardo Rosselló left office in the summer of last year.

Still, Pierluisi said today that this is a competition and not a war. “When I say that this should not be a war. What I mean is that you have to understand that this is a competition, that it must be fair and that it is between brothers and sisters of the ideal and that is why they will see that I, whenever I make my points… I will do it with height, with respect. I will not fall into low attack, cheap politics, because that would be saying we are at war and we are not at war.“He stressed.

The expressions of the candidate for governor came after concluding a meeting with his electoral and mobilization team at the Cataño Convention Center six weeks after the primaries on August 9.

In a message offered after the meeting, Pierluisi seemed to address – although not mentioning – her primary opponent, questioning her right to be a candidate, as well as her militancy within the community and in favor of the statehood ideal.

“There is a difference when one is appointed to a position and goes through a confirmation and all those things when one asks the people for a vote of confidence, there is a great difference. The post of the governor, the post of one being a candidate for governor, one has to earn it and … one has to earn it with the leaders of this party, with the leaders of neighborhoods, even with the leaders who are in positions electives ”, he explained from the stage.

You know that I am a born PNP, that I am a born statesman, that I speak like a PNP… I don’t have to pose as what I am not. I don’t have to come and say statehood or state 51 now, as if with that I already became a leader of this party. For one to become a leader and more of our ideal, one has to work from below, really from below, “he said.

He added that “nobody owns the position.” “You may have the right to aspire, but you have to earn it,” he said, flanked by the majority of the legislative leadership.

During the exchange he mentioned a piece of advice that his father always remembered that the deference and courtesies that they had towards him as a public servant were not directed at his person but towards the position he held. “Therefore, to me, the fumes have never climbed my head,” he alleged.

Pierluisi announced today the launch of the interactive platform “I am part”, through which people will have the opportunity to learn about the applicant’s proposals and ideas, as well as listen to the audios of his radio programs and the conversations he has with the resident commissioner in Washington, Jenniffer González.



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