Pedro Aquino: this was the goal of the Peruvian team with America – VIDEO Liga MX

America continues to fight to reach the top of Liga MX. This time he beat Tijuana and Pedro Aquino led the way to the triumph of the team of the ‘eagles’ who do not lose the way to Cruz Azul.

Pedro Aquino surprised by scoring with great technique. In the area, he stopped her on the chest and from a turn he scored on the Tijuana goal. Honestly, a great goal.

Although the Eagles of America dominated the match, with constant arrivals of danger, it was difficult for them to find the goal and in the absence of fluid play, the opportunity for a set piece appeared. A free kick from three quarters of the court made everyone go looking for the passing game, even Pedro Aquino.

However, the Peruvian midfielder did not go directly to contest the ball in the area, but picked up a bit to wait for the second play, which was very smart at the end of the day. The Tijuana defense cleared the ball as best they could, but they ended up causing a rebound almost in the small area.

Although the ‘Xolos’ had a large number of men in front of the goal, they lost their sight of the ball and Pedro Aquino had enough time to control his chest. Without thinking twice, the Peruvian produced a powerful shot that left goalkeeper Jonathan Orozco without any chance of reaction.

Pedro Aquino’s emotion was quenched for a moment because the referee indicated that he used his hand to lower the ball, but almost immediately from the VAR they indicated that there was no infraction. The Peruvian midfielder adds his second goal with América and equals the number of goals with León for Liga MX, although there he achieved them in 50 games, with the ‘Águilas’ only in 6 games.

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