Pediatrician accused in Maryland of sexually abusing 20 patients

A pediatrician in Maryland convicted of sexually abusing a patient has been charged with 98 similar charges. The accusations against Ernesto César Torres, 69, were filed this month just before he was sentenced on December 23, local press reported.

Torres must remain detained without bail, according to a statement from the prosecution. The new charges refer to another 19 victims, all minors at the time of the offenses. A preliminary hearing has been set for January 24.

Last month, Torres was convicted of sexually abusing an 18-year-old patient he had treated since he was a baby. The young woman reported that Torres abused her when she went to the office alone for the first time, for a consultation on her anxiety pills.

Torres is serving a one-year jail term, and the 230 days he spent under house arrest since he was arrested in May were counted in his favor.

According to the authorities, Torres’ case has encouraged other victims to file their complaints. The complaints cover Torres’ entire medical career since 1979, the WBAL-TV channel reported.

In a separate case, Torres is charged with 49 counts of sexual abuse based on complaints from 12 victims. The trial in that case has been set for March. It is not clear if the victims in that case were minors.

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