Pedestrian Coalition Celebrates Opening of Sidewalk in Front of US Embassy in Jakarta, Pushes for Further Revitalization


Walkers Coalitionthe group that pushed the opening sidewalk in front of the US EmbassyUS Embassy), stated that the opening of the sidewalk in front of the US Embassy was proof of realizing independence for pedestrians. Free walkers!

“This is part of realizing the independence of pedestrians. Pedestrians are free to access the sidewalks which have been inaccessible for years,” said Chairman of the Pedestrian Coalition, Alfred Sitorus, to detikcom, Saturday (10/6/2023).

The problem in the Jl Medan Merdeka Selatan area has been going on for a long time, for more than a decade, going through the periods of a number of governors. detikcom Do Your Magic escorting the aspirations of pedestrians here since last May 30. Pedestrians want the sidewalk in front of the US Embassy to be opened after being closed for a long time. Finally, the aspirations of pedestrians can be realized.

“We thank the US Embassy, ​​the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. We are involved in discussions and discussions about the sidewalks there,” said Alfred.

Chairman of the Pedestrian Coalition, Alfred Sitorus. (Special Doc)

The opening of the sidewalks is also a sign that Jakarta is safer than 5 or 10 years ago. This also proves that Indonesia or Jakarta in particular is a safe environment.

“This is proof that Indonesia is not very serious, there is no need to worry. Even if there is a need for security during demonstrations, feel free to install concrete barriers and barbed wire and then remove them again, that’s fine,” said Alfred.

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Pedestrians walk on the sidewalk of the US Embassy in Jakarta, which has just opened, 10 June 2023. (Brigitta Belia Permata Sari/detikcom)

He hopes that the sidewalk on the road in front of the US Embassy can also be revitalized so that it has the same shape as the road in front of the Republic of Indonesia’s Vice Presidential Palace, City Hall, and along Jl Medan Merdeka Selatan, Central Jakarta. The sidewalk here needs to continue to Jl Ridwan Rais.

“We hope that the budget spent by the DKI Regional Government to build sidewalks worth Rp 100 billion can be used, or it could also be possible that there is still some remaining budget for revitalizing the sidewalks on Jl Medan Merdeka Selatan so that it can be continued for the section in front of the US Embassy,” Alfred hoped.

Pedestrians walk on the sidewalk in front of the US Embassy in Jakarta, which has just opened, 10 June 2023. (Brigitta Beli Permata Sari/detikcom)

This sidewalk must be as inclusive as the right and left sides which are equipped with guiding blocks (guiding tiles) for the blind to bollards that can hinder the invasion of motorized vehicles.

“My hope is that after the sidewalk is opened, construction will continue so that it is accessible and inclusive, wheelchair users and blind friends can use it,” he said.


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